Thursday, 6 March 2014

Silly me!

Well I've successfully managed to log in today! Some I have mixed up my yahoo account with my google account and when I log in with google Blogger tells me I don't have a blog - but - I can follow myself!! Crazy! Anyway, we still have winter weather here. Snow, snow and more snow so lots of time for knitting and crochet, if only my hands didn't ache so much! Oh and of course I can while away the hours on facebook, pinterest and ravelry so well! Tom's on his sixth month of chemo which involves him taking the chemo pills for 5 days every month. The first day (today) he usually feels pretty awful and so we've stayed home. He had a 'wee turn' this morning where he told me he felt ill and then blacked out for a minute. Luckily he was sitting in his chair so no falling over stuff. Every month seems to bring something different, just when we think we've figured it out. Still, roll on next week which is Spring Break from school for Neil. We're off to Branson, Missouri and I just hope we all like it! It sounds like an American Blackpool, so we're hoping it will be fun! Right, off to check the crockpot which has Apple Bourbon Pork loin in it for dinner. Smells good!

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