Friday, 25 February 2011

Have I really not blogged since last year? What on earth have I been doing?
Well, settling in mostly, I guess and getting used to life with my wonderful man in USA. My friend Helen told me that she tells her grand-daughter the story of her lovely friend who went to marry her Prince Charming in America, then she shows her USA on the globe that she has. It's my claim to fame - I'm in a bedtme story!
Lynn and Brian from the Irish Inn have been very friendly and I've been out to lunch with Lynn and her Mom. Her Mom loved the fact that I said we were having a "girly day out". Mango even came visiting with us to the Irish Inn and just loved the fireplace, sat on the chimney piece and enjoyed walking along the beams in the great room. Brian loved the tattie scones I made for him and Lynn even suggested I make them and sell them. I just don't know if there would be a great market, although Tom's cousin Pam and her DH Will loved them when we visited. We've also been to see Penny and Ernst and Pat and her family in Virginia Beach. Pat has been my facebook friend and it was really good to meet for real at last.
Well, Tom's been surprised that the neighbours have now included us in their invitations and we went next door to Julie and Kyle's for a Christmas Dessert Get-together which was great! Of course I agonised a bit over what to make and bring along until Tom suggested trifle. We had no custard at the time so had to use cooked pudding and it worked well, tasted delicious and was a hit with all who tasted it. Julie then very kindly brought us in some bread and butter pudding in the dish we left behind. Very neighbourly! They also invited us to their Superbowl party - another first for me - even though I had no idea what was happening in the game.
Now I'm getting ready to go to my new knitting group in Herrin. I went on Ravelry looking for local groups and Michele from the next town replied and volunteered to take me to one that she knew about and had been to a few times. I went for the first time last week and enjoyed every minute. The women were all very friendly and of course there is 'something' about knitting or crocheting together that feels so good! The fact that the group 'hangs out' in The Yarn Shoppe might not be good for my purse, however, as there are so many beautiful yarns on those shelves! I might not resist today!
This morning, I've tried Mhairi's recipe for good old Scottish tablet (which Tom loves) and it seems to be setting nicely right now, so I'll take some along for my knitting buddies, and see if they like it as much as they enjoy my accent!!