Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Fall? --- Yessss - Bring it on!!

Well, the days are finally getting a little cooler here and the good news for today is that Stef passed his driving test this very morning and just called to tell me! YAY - well done son! I was in Glasgow for three weeks in July/August and he was taking two lessons a week but it all paid off and of course he now needs a car! So yes, I'm next. I do need to be mobile, even if only for shopping, clubs, visits etc., although I know Tom would love me to share the driving on our longer trips, like going to see Maggie. SUCH a drive!! Around four hours each way, and he insists on doing it all in one day which is a total pain. Made even worse by the fact that we sometimes only see Maggie for minutes (last time) or an hour or so. Total craziness really. She still hasn't come to see us here in Carbondale, not even for the Superman Festival which we thought was the best bet. Well if it does anything, it makes me appreciate how much my sons enjoy our visits! We had to tell Craig that he didn't need to come down every day when I was there! Even though it wasn't really what they wanted to do, they both came with us to Largs on our last day, and I enjoyed every minute. Of course I really miss them both now that I'm back here, but it's good to be home too. Mango and Smudge are settling in with each other and play sometimes rather than battling, but occasional wars do still break out! They make me laugh every day and continue to be a source of happiness and company on the days when Tom's away at work.In events that happen here, I've attended my first Baby Shower and we're looking forward to the birth of our neighbours Julie and Kyle's twin girls. I've been knitting and crocheting lots of my favourite baby items of course, some started and finished on the same day. Instant gratification! Our Yarn Shoppe group has been over to 'hang out' and knit at our place and it's good to 'have folk over' - feels gooood, not just getting together in restaurants or whatever. So if you're passing, do pop in, the kettle's on and there could just be some freshly baked Snickerdoodles in the cookie jar! haaaaaa