Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! 2012 WOW ... Aye I know it's February, but January just disappeared too fast. Must be a 'getting old' sign eh? I remember my mother saying that time went faster the older you got and I didn't really believe her. Sorry Mammy, you were right after all. My sister Rina died at the beginning of December last year so life wasn't as happy as it usually is at Christmastime. She had cancer and it caused a brain tumour. She really didn't know it was all happening because she'd been on pain control patches which masked the pain so it was too late to have any treatment by the time the cancer was discovered. At least she didn't suffer for a long time. I really still can't believe she's gone. Tom, Maggie and I spent two and a half weeks in UK over Christmas and New Year. I had the best time with family and friends of course. So good to be with Stef and Craig and do our usual festive stuff.Not sure what Maggie thought of it all as she spent all of her time at Stef's online and in her own wee world. She said she had a good time and was having fun, but we haven't heard a word from her since, not one word, even on Tom's birthday. So much for strengthening family relationships eh? We caught up with June, Wendy and family in Woolfords on Boxing Day which was great, and even managed to have some laughs when we went to clear out some of Rina's stuff at her house. June's doing all the lawyer business about selling the house and it looks like we have a buyer already! Weatherwise, we're having a good winter here. Very mild indeed. No snow, although folk are saying it'll come along one day soon! Until then I'm enjoying it being neither too hot or too cold! Mango and Smudge continue to entertain us, better than the telly most nights