Sunday, 3 October 2010

Would you believe I'm a very happily married woman!

We got married last Saturday (September 25 2010) at The Irish Inn, Ozark, IL. I'm so happy sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if it's really happening to me! Tom and I waited so long to be together and now it just feels so natural and right.

Stef and Craig came over with me on Monday July 26 and so it felt like a lovely family holiday while they were here. Although Tom was working, he took us sightseeing and the boys had a great time on their first visit to USA.

Mango's growing fast and is a delight to us. A wee kitten as lively and crazy as this one just suits us - fits right into the family! He loves chasing squirrels, birds and bugs but can usually only catch leaves. Of course it's Fall now and the weather suits me just fine. Snuggling up with my wonderful new hubby and my crochet - what more can I wish for? Well, remember I thought I couldn't live without work? Just call me the happy housewife! Long may it last!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Almost on my way to USA!

Only 11 days until I'm off to start a new chapter of my life in USA with my lovely fiance Tom. So excited that it's really happening now after such a long wait, but saying farewell to family and friends is very very difficult. I know I'll be home for holidays and I hope that lots of folk will come and visit us in Carbondale, but it's still painful doing so many things for the 'last time'!
I'm lucky that my two sons are travelling out with me on Monday 26 July for their first ever holiday in the States, and I hope not their last!
Our wee kitten Mango has settled in so well with Tom, and I watch him on webcam every night. I've been looking at Animal Rescue places near Carbondale and thinking I could maybe volunteer some of my time there until I get a Green Card so I can earn some money again! The only thing is ~ can I resist taking all the wee kittens home with me if they're not re-homed with new families!!??
I've knitted socks for Jeneece and am working on a crochet gift for Joanna to take with me. I thought I would have loads of time to crochet when I stopped work, but days have been busy and somehow the time flies by!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Moving right on ....

Well, just forgot my password but sorted after a lot of footering so back in business! I've given up my flat on Cedar Street and am presently living with my son Stef, hoping every day that I'll get the all clear from the medics and will be on my way to USA. I've been here two weeks already, but living out of a suitcase as all my other stuff has been shipped to Chicago. Cooking, cleaning, and crochet fill my days, and time is going verrrry slowly indeed.
Tom brought our wee kitten Mango home on Sunday, and I can't wait to see him 'in person' or should that be 'in kitten'?! He's a cheeky, lively wee thing and I really enjoyed watching him on webcam last night.

Monday, 3 May 2010

A new beginning (again) ??

Hey it's May - the sun is shining (well today at least) and I'm having a break from clearing out stuff in preparation for my move to USA. Yes I had a blog with the same title as this one, but for some reason I'm not being allowed into it to update ..... so let's start again!!

I've just taken voluntary redundancy from work so have plenty time to blog (no excuses anymore for blank pages)!! Between de-cluttering, crochet and farewell gatherings, I've been kept busy in the week and a half that I've not been gainfully employed. I've also had a few appointments at hospital as apparently I need a very clean bill of health to get my long awaited fiancee visa.

Thinking about e-baying some 'treasures' but will they be treasured by anyone else but me? Time will tell I guess.