Monday, 3 May 2010

A new beginning (again) ??

Hey it's May - the sun is shining (well today at least) and I'm having a break from clearing out stuff in preparation for my move to USA. Yes I had a blog with the same title as this one, but for some reason I'm not being allowed into it to update ..... so let's start again!!

I've just taken voluntary redundancy from work so have plenty time to blog (no excuses anymore for blank pages)!! Between de-cluttering, crochet and farewell gatherings, I've been kept busy in the week and a half that I've not been gainfully employed. I've also had a few appointments at hospital as apparently I need a very clean bill of health to get my long awaited fiancee visa.

Thinking about e-baying some 'treasures' but will they be treasured by anyone else but me? Time will tell I guess.

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