Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Summer has arrived

Temperature forecast for the day 92F (that's 33C folks) so HOT! Too hot to be working in the yard anytime after 7am so, apart from watering tomatoes, my other veggies and flowers, I'll be indoors with the air conditioning running.
Tom's away to Louisville, Kentucky for a week so I'm home alone, and have loads to do around the house, but of course avoiding it by blogging, being on facebook, checking e-mail etc. I think you know that story! Today the plan is to clear up some of the clutter which accumulates too quickly for me to keep up with it and to start getting the place back in shape after decorating. Why is it that when painting is being done, the whole house ends up in a total guddle? Or is that just me? Where does all the extra clutter come from? Maggie is due to visit in a couple of weeks. She's coming down for the Superman Festival at Metropolis, so I think she'll be amazed at the changes we've made. One of the neighbours told me that I've transformed the place, and she's not even been inside the house!!! It's been a lot of work and there's still a whole lot more to do. My thoughts of sitting crocheting on the back porch all day long are still on hold, as there's always 'work' to do, although breaks for crafting are possible of course!
Wendy, Andrew and Neil will be visiting in just over three weeks, and we're so looking forward to seeing them too, with all the news from home. I miss the family a lot and often wish I could meet up with Rina and June for lunch, and although we have phone calls, webchats and e-mail, it's not the same as a good old blether when we get together. Stef always said I only went over to see him when Tom was around, but he would come to see me and of course Craig was always popping in at Cedar Street, especially for Sunday breakfast. I missed them especially on Mothers' Day of course, and think about them every day and wonder what they're doing. Still, one day soon my passport should be returned and I'll be able to visit and see everyone. Until then, I should be gettin on with getting this place shipshape and ready for guests!

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